Sutida is wonderful! I had been feeling lethargy, mood fluctuations and slowing metabolism since my mid to late 40’s. My medical doctors kept telling me this was the reality for any woman approaching menopause. I was very discouraged that this would be a new normal. I could not accept how depleted my body and mind felt, and I wanted to see someone who understood. I looked for alternative answers and found Sutida’s practice. In the four months that I have been working with Sutida I have not only felt understood but have never felt better. She has not only given me hope that I have options to improving my health and how my body functions, but her knowledge has put me on the right track toward healing my specific ailments. My mood is stable, I am metabolizing again, and I have energy to tackle anything in my day. Sutida has really been an incredible resource and so generous with knowledge and resources. Can’t recommend her enough to any man or woman not feeling their best or confronting health challenges!

— Reviewed on Yelp - J F. - San Francisco, CA

I found Sutida to be most professional, asking me a myriad of questions so she could better understand my situation and lifestyle before suggesting ways to help. She seemed to take a real interest in me and thoroughly answered my questions and any concerns I had. Highly recommended!

— Reviewed on Yelp - Kary C. - San Carlos, CA

Excellent. Saved my life. Literally. Sutida will save your life too if you let her. She’s better than all the doctors I’ve seen. She takes the time to figure out what is going wrong with your body and helps you to make the changes to fix it. If you are nearing death she can save you. Go to her you won’t regret it.

— Reviewed on Yelp - Marvin W. - San Francisco, CA

I have never been so impressed with Sutida Majarone and her warm support. I have never done an IV treatment in the past. And my friend recommended to work with Sutida as I was really sick after my second Moderna shot. She made me feel so comfortable, and the way she explained everything and answered my questions just made it so great. I have an existing medical condition however she made me feel comfortable as we can get it under control, after consulting and meeting her in person, her solution helped in boosting my energy and immune system. I have been recommending her to all my friends! Thank you so much I feel amazing and I loved the package she offered to me based on my health requirements.

— Reviewed on Yelp - Vicki A. - San Francisco, CA

I have a deep respect for Sutida’s professionalism and work ethic. It is her incredible spirit of compassion and empathy that makes her unique. For her patients it means treatment with dignity, honesty, and respect.

— RN, Stanford Hospital & Clinics - Palo Alto, CA

First of all, Sutida is the whole package. Alongside her amazing people skills, she has immense medical knowledge through her profession. She embraces the whole body expertise like no one else I have ever met. This year of all years, 2020, I embarked on a journey and scheduled 3 preventative surgeries (big ones). By luck I was Introduced to Sutida and worked with her to prepare for all the phases of surgery (pre and post). We worked on physical and emotional readiness. I did not know or understand the impact Sutida would make, not only on my journey but on my life. I am ever so grateful and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for overall life improvement, and to learn skills for readiness and resilience.

— Current Patient

I have worked alongside many Harvard-educated physicians during my own career. But I wouldn’t consider having anyone other than Sutida as my health care proxy. Even my 95-year old aunt used to make this request, following her own doctor’s visits in another state for any new problem: “Find out what Sutida thinks”. I cannot give any higher recommendation for this well-trained, highly talented and deeply compassionate nurse practitioner who works as a peer with her physician colleagues.

— Claire L.

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