Our Services

We treat your whole person: mind, body, spirit

Our team of practitioners and partners offer a wide range of therapies and treatments. Below are descriptions for your easy reference. We are ready to help you reach your goals for your best level of health!

Functional & Integrative Medicine

We empower you to improve your well-being and optimize your health by managing lifestyle choices, nutrients and supplements, gut health, work stress and family stress, blue light, sleep, movement and exercise, environmental toxins.
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IV Nutrition Therapy

Strengthen your immune system, boost your metabolism, reduce seasonal allergies, combat fatigue, enhance athletic performance, restore natural balance.
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Mental & Emotional Health

If you are ready to take ownership of your health, be empowered with knowledge and tools to make changes and get results in your physical, mental and emotional health, then you will find value in these programs.
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Functional MedicineLifestyle Medicine • Food as Medicine • Acupuncture • Meditation • Yoga

We can help you reclaim your health.